SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: Transite Pipe-Asbestos

Transite Pipe – Asbestos Objective
The objective of this course is to teach students the hazards of asbestos exposure on job sites.
Students should learn:
-What transite is and looks like
-Where transite is in the home 
-The dangers of asbestos
-How to evaluate its hazards and those of other asbestos products

Transite Pipe: Asbestos covers the issues with working with asbestos products.
Topics include the history of asbestos, why it has been so popular, what the hazards are, and different kinds of asbestos products. Students should understand how to protect themselves from the asbestos hazards they will face on the job. Includes one video on asbestos use in homes: 
NFI: 2.0 H&S&L CEUs