SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: Respirator Safety

The Respirator Safety class is offered in two formats. The single-user model allows an individual to view the PowerPoint slides and notes online and take a quiz upon completion. They have access to the digital library where additional information is located. There they will find a handout and a notes page with each of the slides defined. 
Objective- The objective of this class is to inform technicians about the various respirators available and which to choose. The student should be better informed about those choices after completing the class. 
Summary – This class defines when to use a respirator, types of respirators, benefits and limitations, medical evaluations, fit testing, inspection and maintenance of respirators. The class includes a 10 question quiz offered online at the end. The student must complete the quiz to earn CEU’s for the class. 
NFI: 1.0 S&H&L CEUs