SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: Ladder Safety

The Portable Ladder Safety class is offered in two formats. The single-user model allows an individual to view the PowerPoint slides and notes online and take a quiz upon completion. They have access to the digital library where additional information is located. There they will find a ladder safety handout, a notes page with each of the slides defined and a sample ladder safety program. 
Objective- The objective of this class is to inform technicians about the hazards associated with the use of portable ladders and how to reduce their risk. 
Summary – This class covers common causes of accidents when using a portable ladder, it describes the different ladder types and how to choose the proper one, how to inspect a ladder before using it, and how to work safely around and on a ladder. The class includes a 10 question quiz offered online at the end. 
NFI: 1.0 S&H&L CEUs