SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: Ergonomics

The objective of this ergonomic and musculoskeletal class is to inform technicians of the things that can contribute to the disorder in an effort to avoid serious injury. The physical actions and the most likely tools that can contribute to the disorder are described. In the single user class a quiz is delivered when all of the PowerPoint slides have been viewed. 
After demonstrating how repetitive motions can be crippling, there is a discussion about the soft tissue that is affected by physical activity often found in the field. Identifying those motions and tools that can contribute to these problems will help workers avoid damage that may make it impossible for them to work. Understanding how the body reacts to vibration from many tools and unwieldy posture helps workers to recognize and avoid those situations that are likely to be the most dangerous. 
NFI:1.0 S&H&L CEUs