SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: Electrical Safety

The objective of the multiple-user class is to enable a leader to conduct OSHA required safety training for employees. This electrical safety class is designed to comply with the requirement for regular safety meetings. It includes the PowerPoint presentation, guidance for the leader/instructor, a quiz and answer sheet and additional hand-outs about sizing extension cords based on length and the amps of the power tools in use. I would recommend 1.5 for those that take this class and an additional 1.5 in C&L for the leader. 
The objective of the single-user class is to educate the individual about the risks associated with electricity, including basic concepts such as a circuit and ground. 25 slides and a 10 question quiz. There is also an OSHA video on electrical safety in the beginning.

A summary of both classes would include;
The proper use of power tools with extension cords. How to identify when either represent a clear risk of electrical shock. The importance of the GFCI is addressed as well as how electricity works and how people are affected by electricity.
Both classes include hand-outs about extension cords and include a quiz. 
NFI 0.75 S&H&L CEUs