SureFire Training Academy

CSIA: The Best of the Worst (Darwin Awards and Code References)


The class “The best of the worst that chimney sweeps encounter” describes a variety of interesting installations and venting that use unusual methods and materials for venting combustion appliances. The images include references to potential problems with regard to performance, fire safety, longevity and codes. These descriptions will not only entertain but provide students with some real-world solutions as to how they should reference such poor quality work. 

We see such poor construction and installations so often that it begs the question, “What were they thinking?” These slides will show a useful way to communicate to the client why these represent significant risk and defines the logic as to why they should be addressed. 


This class is designed to show what might be found in the field. While many of these examples should be condemned on the spot they often represent an opportunity for recommendations to improve and correct them. It also provides direct code references as well as language that is useful when communicating with the customer. Hopefully students will come away with a better understanding of why many of the installations are problematic and are unacceptable, in the event they may consider taking a shortcut like that themselves. 

CSIA:1.5 C&S, 0.5 C&L. 2.0 Total CEUs
NFI: 2.0 T CEUs